Lake fishing in Narooma

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When he isn’t out fishing for kingfish on a charter boat, Ian frequently enjoys a morning fishing on the lakes and inlets around Narooma. We have owned a number of boats over the years, from “tinnies” to cabin cruisers, but Ian’s favourite is the kayak, which sat under the deck for a few years once the kids all left home.


Ian modified this into an electric fishing kayak which is 13 foot long and has a motor with a run time of about four hours, with a 105 amp battery.

Ian spends the mornings floating around Mummaga or Corunna Lakes and the inlets around Narooma and also uses his kayak off Dalmeny in the ocean when the conditions are calm enough.

Fishing with plastics

He is usually fishing for flathead, which will be found on the bottom around broken ground.

Ian uses soft plastics and lures on light gear. Plastics are cast out and let sink to the bottom and then slowly retrieved, imitating a small fish.

Bait can also be used, fishing with a small sinker and hooks. You can also use live bait such as poddy mullet, worms, or nippers which can pumped from the flats at low tide.

At night time, many anglers chase dewfish in deep holes in the inlets.

Hiring a boat

For visitors to the area, there are many places in Narooma where you can hire a small boat for a few hours. For a family expedition there are also “party boats” available, where you can enjoy a cruise around the inlet on a covered boat, having a barbecue or picnic lunch on board while you fish.

If you are hiring a boat for a day’s fishing, you will need to pop into the fishing tackle shop and pick up a fishing license. You’ll also need to aware of “bag limits” on the number of each species of fish you can legally catch.

How to cook flathead or salmon fillets

Salmon is a very underrated fish. Many people won’t eat them, but the recipe below given to us by a keen surf fisherman is quick, easy and delicious.

  • Season flour with salt, pepper and either mustard or curry powder
  • Lightly flour fillets
  • Cook for two to three minutes each side on a hot frypan or grill
  • Serve with chips and a green salad

Simple whole fish recipe

  • Place on sheet of aluminium foil, which has been lightly sprayed with non stick oil
  • Top with lemon slices, chopped shallots and parsley and a few slices of butter
  • Wrap fish in foil, sealing tightly so they are completely airtight
  • Cook in preheated 200 C oven for around 20 minutes.
  • Serve with chips and salad.

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