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London -20 things to know before you visit

20 tips that can save you money and time, as help you make the most of your trip to London


London is an exciting place to include on your travel itinerary.  Unesco world heritage sites, history, culture and iconic landmarks to explore. There are so many things to see and do. On our travels to London, we picked up a few tips that can  help to save time and money on your trip and also make your trip more enjoyable.

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Money Saving tips for London

2 comments on “London -20 things to know before you visit”

  1. Interesting to read about London from the point of view of a foreign visitor. Don’t be sucked in by the Heathrow Express though. It’s ridiculously expensive and if you’ve just missed one, you’ll only save a few minutes over the much cheaper Heathrow Connect. The Connect is never publicised to visitors but covers the same journey with a few interim stops. Or take the Tube right into central London; it’s slower but it’s included in your Oyster card and much cheaper.

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