Glaciers and bobsleds at Pfingstegg.

Enjoying the bobsleds and glaciers at Pfinstegg, near Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps


For several days my nephews had been longingly eyeing off the bobsled runs near the Grindelwald Glacier on the hill across from our chalet in Grindelwald, so today was a day of bobsleds and glaciers.

By now a seasoned cable car traveller, I was more amused than nervous to found our ride to Pfingstegg today was quaintly decorated with lacy gingham curtains. Very Swiss.

Once at the top, Ian immediately befriended the herd of goats in the field adjacent to the adventure playground, before we headed off on a brief walk towards the glacier, enjoying the wonderful views from Grindelwald along the way.

Grindelwald Glacier

The Grindelwald Glacier once reached all the way into the village, being a source of local industry with ice blocks hewn from the glacier to provide refrigeration for restaurants and kitchens as far away as Paris.

Like most Swiss glaciers, this has now receded some 5km into the mountain, however today we took advantage of a close up peek from Pfingstegg, followed by an afternoon visit to the Glacier Gorge.

Our glacial stroll complete, the boys spent a fun half hour or so enjoying the downhill bobsled rides before our leisurely stroll back downhill to the village.

After another leisurely Swiss lunch at the Glacier Hotel, we were more than ready to explore the cool ravines of the glacier canyon, where the river still thunders through the steep gorge.

Grindelwald Glacier Canyon

On a blisteringly hot day, it was refreshing to enter the cool, moist canyon, A narrow metal walkway now takes visitors through the gorge to where the glacier once ended, with a “spider web” suspended some 7 metres above the ravine for the more adventurous to experience the sheer magnificence of the gorge. Ian and the boys were more than up to the challenge, myself however was more than happy to act as photographer for the occasion.

The Canyon tour provides displays explaining the formation of the gorge, the ice industry it once supported and the environmental affects which has seen the glacier shrink some 5km since the turn of last century.

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    1. Yes it was very sad to visit glacier gorge, learn about the ice industry surrounding it 100 years ago and physically see just how far it had receded

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