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When technology goes haywire

computer technology

Following on from my recent post on modern technology, today I want to share with you a story from a previous blog on the day our office computer server took on a mind of its’ own.  It was the day that Hal went haywire. When watching the computerised mayhem in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 Sci-Fi film,

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Memories of pre-digital technology

pre-digital technolgy

Today I’m going to share with you some of the technology every  80’s office girl had to master. Younger readers have probably never heard of many of these things. Anyone over 50 will probably enjoy a quiet chuckle over the standard office equipment of pre-digital technology Sylvester switchboard. Remember the old Sylvester switchboard, with flashing

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Keeping Pace with modern life

modern technology

An over 50 embracing technology Many over 50’s readers would have grown up with the presumption that you would finish school, either study or go into a job where you would stay for the next 50 years. In today’s society,  particularly with the rapid changes in technology,  employment is transient and you need  be adaptable,

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The climate change generation

A friend was today bemoaning that ”everything was breaking down” – her computer, her fridge, her vacuum cleaner. All of them under 10 years old and not worth repairing.  In fact the IT Geek at the computer shop looked at her with disbelief at the mere suggestion her five year old laptop was worth repairing.

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