Bargain Hunting in London

Visiting the Portobello Road markets in London, setting of the movie “Nottinghill”, to grab a few bargains

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We love nothing more than a good bargain hunt.  Hence, one of our goals for our London trip was to visit some London Markets to hunt out a few treasures to bring home and add to our collection of antique curiosities.

So it was to the Portobello Road markets we headed on Saturday morning, lured by the famous ditty “Portobello Road, Portobello Road, here the treasures of ages are sold…”  We were certainly not disappointed.

Now a trendy residential area, the area was made famous by the blue facade of the “Travel Book Shop” in the film “Nottinghill”.  The landmark remains, however there was no sign of either Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts on the day of our visit.

Get there early

As with most things in London, we took the advice to get there early.  Rows upon rows of stalls and shopfronts offered everything from tacky London souvenirs and street food to fresh produce and antiques.

Glistening silverware dangled from gazebo frames. Large shop spaces were partitioned into smaller stalls where individual antique dealers peddled their wares. The street was relatively deserted, so we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the first of the stalls.

As fans of the BBC program “Bargain Hunt” were were highly amused to hear the vendors actually do say “it really is a lovely thing.”

Here you can find everything from jewellery and bric-a-brac, furniture and silverware to antique books, music and clothing.

The vendors seemed quite open to a spot of haggling and we managed to score a few bargains to add to our eclectic collection of travel souveniers at home.

By mid morning, however the crowds had formed into a teeming throng of shoppers, jostling shoulder to shoulder along the packed street.  So if you are planning a trip to Portobello Road, do get there early.

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