Visiting Munich Old town during our two weeks in Germany visiting Berlin, Dresden Prague and Munich

Two weeks in Germany – a 16 day itinerary.


Two weeks in Germany

Visiting Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Munich

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Germany, it is impossible to fit them all into a small time frame. Our two weeks in Germany was based around our plans to visit family in both Berlin and Munich. We planned a 16 day trip visiting Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Munich.

Below is our itinerary for two weeks in Germany. Full details of the attractions we visited can be find elsewhere on this site.

Day 1-6 Berlin

Day 1 – Walking tourreichstag1

  • Brandenburg gate
  • Museuminsel
  • Old Jewish quarters
  • Memorial to the murdered Jews
  • Bebelplatz and book burning memorial
  • Tiergarten
  • Alexanderplatz – TV tower
  • World Clock
  • Neptune fountain

Day 2-Berlin Wall    Berlin Wall Memorial

  • Berlin Wall Memorial, Bernauer Strasse
  • East Side Gallery
  • Berlin Wall information centre
  • Tiergarten
  • Soviet war memorial

Day 3 Sightseeing


  •  Humbolthian gardens and disused bunker
  • Climbed to the top of the Berliner Dom
  • Spree River afternoon cruise

 Day 4 Lake visits

After a full German breakfast at a local cafe, we headed out for a day at the lakes and a picnic lunch of traditional German meats, cheeses and bread.


  • Pfaueinsel (Peacock Island) and Frederick the Great’s summer palace
  • Gross Glienicker See, former divided lake.
  • Climb to top of Reichstag building

Day5 Potsdam

  • Explored the Unesco World heritage sites in Potsdam Town Centre
  • Visited  Sans Souci gardens and palaces

Day 6 Maeurpark (Sunday)

  • Strolled through the fleamarkets
  • Enjoyed local street food from the many vendors
  • Karaoke in the park

Day7 and 8 Dresden

We took a coach from Berlin for a three hour ride to Dresden. We stayed at the Ibis hotel in the centre of the new town, a very easy walk from the international train and bus terminal, even with suitcases.

  • Procession of the Kings
  • Visited the rebuilt Frauenkirche  dresden 22
  • Walked along Bruhls Terrace
  • Visited Dresden Old town
  • Walked through Zwinger Palace gardens

We enjoyed lunch in one of the many cafes around Fraueinkirch square, offering authentic German fare. For dinner we chose a very popular cafeteria style restaurant offering large servings of everything from pizza and curries to steaks and burgers.

Day 9,10, 11 Prague

We left early on day 9, rejoining our bus for the two hour trip to Prague.

Yes, Prague is in the Czech Republic, not Germany, but it is also on the bus route from Berlin to Munich, making it an obvious choice for a stop on this itinerary.

We stayed in a private room in a local hostel for two nights, a short cab ride from the bus terminal and within easy walk of the major attractions, tram service and local restaurants.

Day 1 – self guided tour of old town centre

View over Prague from Wenceslas Square
View over Prague from Wenceslas Square
  • Walked along Charles bridge
  • Visited Prague Castle
  • Astronomical clock
  • Explored Prague old town centre.
  • Visited St Vitus Cathedral

Day 2 – guided morning tour, afternoon sightseeing

  • Detailed commentary on Old Town, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle
  • The old Jewish Quarter   Astronomical Clock, Prague
  • Walked along Vltava River, discovering contemporary sculptures
  • Visited Wenceslas square and shopped at local marketsAstronomical Clock, Prague
  • Visited St Georges Basilica and St Nicholas Churches
  • Brunch at Cafe Louvre
  • Relaxed in Wallenstein Palace gardens
  • Visited the Prague TV tower
  • Visited the Tiky Taky bar

We enjoyed lunches in the cafes in the old town, sampling goulash and bread dumplings, among other authentic Czech fare. For dinner we chose local restaurants close to our hostel where we enjoyed cheap, hearty Czech food.

Day 11-16 Munich.

On day 11, we once again joined our bus for the five hour trip to Munich airport, where we were met by our hosts.  We fortunate to be “chauffeured” by our hosts to a number of attractions surrounding Munich that may be more difficult to access with public transport.

Day 1: Exploring Munich      townhallmunich

  • Lunch at a beer hall
  • Visited Frauenkirche, and viewed the legendary Devils footprint
  • Climbed to top of Neue Rathaus
  • Watched the Glockenspiel in Marienplatz
  • Watched surfing on the Eisbach River in the English Gardens
  • Visited BMW world

Day 2: Visit to Herrenchiemsee and lakes  Herrenchiemsee

  • A ferry ride to Herrinchiemsee and King Ludwig’s unfinished palace
  • Lunch at a lakeside restaurant

Day 3: Museum visit and tourist drive to alps  Sternberger See, Buchheim Museum of Phantasy

  • A visit to Sternberger See and the Buchheim museum of Phantasy
  • A scenic drive through the lakes and alps, with lunch at a lakeside restaurant and Brewery

Day 4: Exploring villages and markets, theatre performance

  • Visit to a local monastic museum and a tour of local villages
  • Visited the local village markets
  • Learned about the history of the maypoles
  • Visit to the theatre, where we enjoyed a mime performance

Day 5: travel to Munich airport for flights home

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