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Afternoon on Berlin’s Spree River

Enjoying the sites of Berlin from the Spree River

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Visiting Berlin in summer, taking in the view of the city with a Berlin River cruise along the Spree River is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

You can enjoy a luxury luncheon cruise, or simply spend a few hours cruising one way, taking in the scenery while sipping a strawberry cocktail.

We took the train to Charlottenburg  to join our two hour Berlin River cruise and travelled back towards the centre of Berlin.  Cruising along the River Spree and the Landwehr Canal, we passed under more than 60 bridges and beautiful riverside scenery.

spree river cruise
Cruising from Charlottenburg
Spree River Cruise
Enjoying strawberry cocktails as we cruise down the Spree River
river spree cruise
Enjoy a meal, or just a refreshing drink

Berlin River Cruise

Relaxing at our table on the top deck as our boat wended it’s way along the river, we sailed past castles and mansions, park lands full of picnickers and local landmarks.

spree river cruise
Cruising past old riverside masions
spree river cruise
Castle from the River
River spree cruise
Cruise past old town centres

Along the way we enjoyed a commentary on the historic riverside buildings. On the banks  locals were relaxing at many of the “Beach Bars” along the river. We passed under the Jungfernbruke Bridge, Berlin’s oldest bridge and one of the few to survive WWII bombing.

spree river cruise
Locals enjoying the sun at a “beach bar”
spree river cruise
Berlin’s oldest bridge, the Jungfernbrucke bridge is one of the few bridges to survive wartime bombing


Bridges and lochs

As the tide rose, the clearance beneath the bridges reduced.  The driver’s cabin continually lowered until he must have been kneeling in the cabin to steer the boat under “Old Bridge” towards the end of our journey.  We also had the opportunity to witness the filling of a loch, before our boat could make its way down the canal.


After a one and a half our cruise, we made our way back to Museum Island, where we finally docked.

spree river cruise
View of Berlin City Centre from the Spree

An afternoon’s river cruise was a very relaxing and enjoyable way to explore Berlin.

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