Buchheim Museum of Phantasy

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From the quirky and unusual to the downright zany, the Buchheim Museum was no ordinary art collection.  The external sculptures set the scene for fun, humour and imagination which lies within.

Wooden giraffe sculptures from whole tree trunks. A rusty vehicle encased in octopus tentacles fashioned from motor parts. Tightrope walkers sculptured from recycled metal dangle from a high wire above.  All act as a prompt to expand your imagination to explore the exhibits within.

Located on the banks of Starnberger See, near Munich, the museum is home to the Buchheim collections, which range from German expressionist art and Bavarian folk art to cultural artifacts from Africa and the South Pacific Islands.  We chose a self guided tour, with the assistance of our hosts to translate the German signage.  The museum does however guided group tours and workshops.

About Buccheim Museum

Lothar-Günther Buchheim was a painter, photographer, writer and collector, who founded the “Museum of Imagination” in Bernried am Starnberger Lake.

Collections of paintings, water colours, drawings and prints from the “Die Brucke” group of expressionists share exhibition space with a diverse range of displays.

Asian wood carvings, Chinese ink drawings, textiles and jewellery, and larger-than-life models hosting a madhatters tea-party.

Walk the tightrope,  play with the magic mirrors in the circus display, or play the pinball machines surrounded by hundreds of psychadelic 60’s linocuts.

No visit to the museum however could be complete with a walk out on the jetty over Stamberger See and taking in the magnificent lakeside surroundings.

Buccheim Museum
View from jetty over Sternberger See


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