Cost of two weeks in France?

How much does it cost for two weeks in France?


How much does it cost for two weeks in France?

So now I have finished sharing our adventures in France, I will try to answer the perennial question.  “What is the cost of two weeks in France?”

This is of course a very subjective question, the answer will depend upon your own travel style.  France can be a very expensive country to visit,  but it is possible to travel within a reasonable budget.

There is a great Travel expense calculator available on Amazon

Accommodation tips

During our two weeks in France we stayed for three nights each in two B&Bs with breakfast provided daily and a week in a “holiday let”, self catering.

The cost of staying in a real French chateau, and a B& B in a French village were around the same cost per night as staying in an average motel in Australia.  Obviously staying in a larger hotel will be considerably more if you are looking for a luxury holiday so the cost of two weeks in France may be different for you.

Food tips

We would purchase snacks to take in our backpacks on our daily excursions, often eat lunch in a French restaurant (which is cheaper than dinner) and cooked our own evening meals at home during our week in Talloires.  However, we also left room in the budget for the odd coffee, ice cream and French Patisserie. The grocery cost was of course shared – we’ll get the bread, you get the milk – so there were economies of scale there.

Lonely Planet Europe on a shoestring (Travel Guide) from Amazon also has some great travel budget ideas.

You could certainly spend a lot less than we did, but it is possible to spend considerably more, depending upon how you wish to travel
Below I have outlined some of our receipts for our two weeks in France in June 2017, which I hope will give you a bit of an idea when budgeting for your trip.  It is by no means definitive, but it will give you an indication of what the basics cost.

Accommodation costs in France

  • Dijon 3 nights B & B breakfast included Eu 85 per night  AUD 267 total
  • Auxerre 3 nights in a chateau, breakfast inc Eu 85 per night AUD 267 total
  • Talloires, 7 nights sharing holiday let with a family of 6 Eu 85 per night  AUD 750 total

Food costs in France

  • Total food bill for 13 nights two people  AUD 1100
  • Take away pizza and soft drink for 6  Eu 93.50  AUD 138 (AUD 46 for 2)
  • Two course lunch for 2 with glass of wine and beer Eu 45 AUD 71
  • Bag of assorted groceries two people for 4-5 days Eu 77  AUD 123
  • Glass of beer in a restaurant Eu 7 AUD 11
  • Bottle of beer in supermarket Eu 1.80  AUD 2.85
  • Bottle of wine in a restaurant Eu 24 AUD 38
  • Bottle of wine in supermarket Eu 4.80  AUD 7.60

General costs in France

  • Tank of fuel for a nine seater minibus Eu 56 AUD 85
  • Entry to most museums  Free
  • Entry to chateaux (on average) Eu 8 each AUD 12
  • Tour of Tower of Phillip le Bon Dijon Eu 15 each  AUD 23
  • One hour boat tour Lake Annecy Eu 15 each  AUD 23
  • Return tram ride into Dijon Eu 4.80 ea  AUD 7.60

On average, for two people we spent AUD 265 per day on food, attractions and souvenirs, then an average of AUD 135 per night on accommodation. You could certainly reduce this budget by cutting out the restaurant meals, but do you really travel to France to eat McDonald or Chinese takeaway? Hope this helps you budgeting your trip.

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6 comments on “Cost of two weeks in France?”

  1. We love France. Our trips tend to cost us a lot more. Not because we stay in luxury accommodation, but because we stay with friends and keep taking them out to dinner to pay for our “free” accommodation. Always fun. We gave up on trying to budget or keep an accurate record.

    1. Yes, understand completely. Berlin is exactly the same for us. We stay with the kids, and pay for meals, entry into attractions etc so they are not out of pocket. Budget usually goes out window in Germany

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