Switzerland – what did it cost?

How much did it cost for two weeks in Switzerland

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Costs for two weeks in Switzerland

This is the one question for which I could not get a clear answer when preparing for our European road trip. I know costs are very relative, but based on our trip, I have itemised our costs for two weeks in Switzerland based on the activities outlined in my blog to hopefully help fellow travellers budget for their holiday in Switzerland. These prices were in summer 2017, which is their low season.

Walking and enjoying the magnificent Swiss Alpine scenery is free, however getting there can be very expensive, and once you are there as a captive audience, so can food be. Cost of cable cars to Schilthorn was eye-watering, but worth it.

Not wanting to totally scrimp on our holiday, we chose a sensible compromise of packing supermarket bought snacks and drinks in our backpack, enjoyed lunch out as a main meal (less expensive) and cooked at home for dinner. You could certainly spend a lot less than we did, but you could also spend waaay more depending on your tastes.


If planning to self cater, do remember to pack tote bags, as supermarket bags don’t exist in Switzerland. Also be aware of packaging, as it costs to dispose of rubbish.

Grindelwald First

Return cable car CHF 42 per person

Schnitzel, chips and glass of wine, glass of beer for two people at cafeteria CHF 45


Cable car from Grindelwald CHF 30 per person

Lunch for 2 – schnitzel, torte, beer and wine CHF 43


Cable car CHF 105 per person  (yes, per person)

2x Burger and chips, one glass wine one beer CHF55


Cable Car CHF 12.80 per person

Entry to Glacier Gorge CHF 15 per person

Lunch for 2 at Glacier Hotel CHF 44

Bobsled rides CHF 20 for 4 rides


Transport Museum CHF 30 per person


Tank of fuel for a nine seater VW minibus CHF 90

Bag of basic groceries – meat, veg, milk, bread cereal, for two people, two days CHF 29

Two course pub meal with wine and beer for two people CHF 55

7 nights in ski chalet – self catering for 6 people EU 1500

1 Nights accommodation upmarket hotel Lucerne 2 people CHF 280

Hope this helps to budget your trip to Switzerland.

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