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20 travel tips for Prague

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Travel tips for Prague

Prague is an exciting city to be including on your itinerary. There is so much to see and do in the UNESCO world heritage city. To help you plan your trip to Prague, here are 20 travel tips for Prague that may save you money and make your trip more enjoyable.


  1. The Czech crown is the official currency.
  2. Euro are also accepted. If you are only staying for a couple of days, it may not be worth while changing to crowns. The crown is worth slightly less than the Euro, but what you pay in exchange may be more than what you lose by paying in Euros.
  3. Avoid the money exchange booths. They are often a scam and almost always cost much more than they should.
  4. Credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted, however can be considerably more expensive than cash.



5.Prague is best explored on foot, however an extensive train and tram system operates.

6. You will need to pre-purchase your tram ticket before you get on the carriage. These can be purchased at metro stations or newstands. Ticket conductors are on all trams and very unforgiving of non-compliant tourists.

7. If you are staying for a few days, a multi-day pass is a better option and saves having to purchase individual tickets for each ride.

 8. Double check your departure point if catching one of the coach lines. They do code-share like airlines. We found ourselves “bumped” onto another line at the next train station, only finding out just in time to make it there


9. The old town will be unbearably crowded in the middle of the day, particularly the Charles Bridge. Earlier in the morning you will have the town square and bridge almost to yourself.

10. The Gardens in the Wallenstein Palace are a quiet oasis to escape the tourist throng. Here you can relax among the fountains, enjoy the peacocks roaming the gardens and admire the magnificent dripstone walls.

11. Book a morning walking tour. An experienced tour guide will be a worthwhile investment, which will then allow you to go back and explore further in the places that really interested you. You may also learn about a few places that are not in your tour guide.

12. The bar at the top of the shopping complex in Wenceslas Square has one of the best views over Prague.

13. Remember to keep a few loose coins – Prague has pay toilets.

Food and Drink

14 .Beef goulash and dumplings is a traditional Czech dish that is a must-try.

15. Trdlnik – a donut like waffle rolled into a cone and filled with custard, cream or icecream – I truly became addicted during our time in Prague.

16. Visit the Tiki Taky bar – a real beach bar with kitsch “beach” decor. It is very small, but has an amazing cocktail menu.

17. The smaller restaurants where the locals are eating will be much less expensive than the tourist restaurants around the main squares. You will get to experience real Czech food.


18. Be aware of pickpockets in the crowded areas. No wallets in back pockets. Carry bags towards the front, and across your body if possible.

19. Be aware of street vendors selling cash, tickets or entry into museums – they are likely to be a scam

20. Before you buy souvenirs from the town centre, check out the local markets where you are likely to find authentic local handicrafts much cheaper.

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