Utes in the Paddock

Utes in the Paddock


Utes in the Paddock In central western NSW is a unique bush tourist attraction depicting the life and history of outback Condobolin, using the ultimate Aussie icon- the Holden ute- as a medium.

The unique art installation 25kms outside Condobolin showcases many Aussie icons.
The “Utes in the Paddock” display on Burrawang West Station at Ootha has attracted visitors to the roadside art gallery since 2010.

Entry is free, just pull up along the roadside and take your time walking along the fences to take in the exhibits.

Utes in the Paddock
Utes in the paddock in its original home at Ootha near Condobolin

The blank canvas for the installations are an Aussie icon themselves. All are painted on old Holden utes, some stood upright in the red soil, others suspended at precarious angles. All of them prompt you to look a little closer to check that it was actually once a Holden ute.

Utes in the Paddock
Well, maybe the Holden ute deserves to be on the coat of arms?
Utes in the Paddock
Utes in the Paddock
A depiction of outback life

Here you will find a larger than life drizabone -clad “Clancy of the Overflow”.  Or “Clancy stopping the overflow” of a large bottle of Bundaberg rum.
There was everything from vegemite jars to iconic bush dunnies, housing no less than Dame Edna Everage.

Ned Kelly was depicted in Kangaroo form, while other displays depict life in the remote outback.

Utes in the paddock
Vegemite in the Paddock
Utes in the paddock
Ned Kellyroo
Utes in the Paddock
Clancy of the Overflow. Note the “Australian Made” logo hanging from his hand
Utes in the Paddock
Clancy Stopping the Overflow
utes condobolin
Two aussie icons, Dame Edna on the bush dunny

Utes in the Paddock is moving

The outdoor gallery has become so popular since we visited in 2012 that Lachlan Shire Council has announced plans to move the 20 artworks to a new location closer to the town of Condobolin.

Well worth a visit if you are looking for something a little unique on your trip through outback New South Wales. Do however check with the local tourist information centre to see where the display is currently located.

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